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Staff and Buddy Application - CONFIDENTIAL

Applicants must be 18 years or older as of the date of the next camp.

Contact Details

Camp Location*
Dunedin  Wellington 
Position Applied For*
Last Name*
First Name*
Home Address*
Post Code
Optional Photo (max. 4096 kB)

Personal Information

Place of Birth*
Your iwi if applicable
Date of Birth*
Marital Status*
Drivers Licence*
Emergency Contact*
Emergency Phone*
Emergency Mobile


T-Shirts - are provided for your first camp. If you are returning and require a new shirt they are available at a cost of $20, payable on acceptance to camp. You do NOT need to buy a new one each year.

I Require a T-Shirt*
Yes  No 
T-Shirt Size


Medical - This section is required to ensure that any role KCNZ may offer you is compatible with any medical condition/injury you may have.

What is your state of health*
Existing conditions*
No  Yes 
If yes please specify
Have you had any serious injuries in the last three years*
No  Yes 
If Yes please describe
Medication you are taking
Please list any medicine you are allergic to
Please list any other allergies including foods, plants, insect bites and stings


Church and Referees - Please supply the contact details of your church and/or other referee.  One referee must be a person of good standing and character in the community who operates in a leadership role.  Please ask your referees permission and supply their first and last names and a contact phone number.

Your Home Church*
First Referee*
Second Referee*


Study and Training - Please indicate below what training/study you have done or are currently doing along with certificates you hold. There are also boxes for specialsed training, working with 7-12 year old children and other voluntary work. If a particular box does not apply to you simply leave it blank

First Aid Certificate
Life Guard Certificate
Outdoor Education Certificate
Other Training and Study
Child Abuse Training
Current Work with Children
Previous Work with Children
Other Volunteer Work


Personal Attributes

Your personal strengths/skills/attributes*
Your areas of growth/weakness*
Why are you applying for this position*
What challenges do you see working with children at KCNZ*
Any special needs/personal circumstances that you feel we should know about

If you answer YES to any of the following check box questions - Please provide an explanation in the "Explanation and Details" box below. (Please note, answering YES does not necessarily mean you will not be accepted for camp).

Do you have a police record*
No  Yes 
Have you ever been accused of sexual misconduct*
No  Yes 
Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?*
No  Yes 
Have you ever taken illegal or prescription drugs inappropriately*
No  yes 
Explanation and Details


Areas of Service - There are a number of tasks that need to be completed to ensure KCNZ can continue to provide these amazing camps. Please indicate any ways that you are prepared to help. Select all that apply from the twp lists, Staff and Pre Camp.

Staff List - This is a list of roles required while a camp is in progress.

Grand Parents
Kitchen Hand
Art and craft assistant
Audio Technician
Pastoral support - Men
Pastoral support - Women

Pre Camp List - This is a list of roles in preparation for a camp and other times during the year.

Art Work for props etc
Construction for props etc
Graphic Design
Food preperation for events
Directors Camp Committee
National Trust Board


Application Statement - By selecting the "Yes" acceptance button below and submitting this application I acknowledge and agree to all the following points:

  1. I wish to apply to be a staff member/buddy for Kids Camps New Zealand (KCNZ) for the next annual camp.
  2. I have read and agree with the KCNZ Trust Mission Statement (see below).
  3. I have read about Staff/Buddy Rights and Responsibilities (A.7e) and I agree to abide by them (see below).
  4. I commit to attend the required training for KCNZ before attending camp. I understand that if I fail to attend such training, I will not be permitted to attend camp until training is completed.
  5. I have read, understood and accept this application statement and further state that all of the information I have supplied in this Staff and Buddy Application Form is true and correct.
  6. I give my consent to KCNZ trust collecting the personal details provided here, retaining and using the statistical details only and disclosing them for government reports.
  7. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 or any other relevant legislation.
Acceptance Buttons*
No  Yes 
Acceptance date*


Mission Statement

  • To provide a safe week OF HAPPY MEMORIES for an abused/neglected child and within that week
  • To help build a sense of WORTH and CONFIDENCE in each child
  • To assist children in the obtaining of life skills in COMMUNICATION, CONFIDENCE and strategies in making GOOD CHOICES
  • To give HOPE that will assist in changing a child's outlook on life
  • To provide positive ADULT ROLE MODELS


Staff/Buddy Rights & Responsibilities

  • Staff/Buddies are entitled to considerate and respectful care, irrespective of their gender, class, race, or their economic, educational or religious background.
  • Staff/Buddies are entitled to supportive, safe environments when engaged in any of KCNZs activities.
  • Staff/Buddies are entitled to unbiased information about KCNZ and the services that it offers.
  • Staff/Buddies are entitled to privacy and confidentiality of information regarding their participation in KCNZ in accordance with the laws of Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  • Staff/Buddies information regarding the individual remains confidential to the individual and senior staff of KCNZ. No information is available to any other person(s), unless the individual has full knowledge and signs written consent for the releasing of information; or unless information is officially requested under the laws of Aotearoa/New Zealand; or unless there is a clear danger to his or her life, to others or to the general public.
  • Staff/Buddies are entitled to discontinue their involvement in KCNZ at any time without physical or psychological harassment.
  • Staff/Buddies have a responsibility to remain at camp for the entire duration of that camp, to ensure the best interests of the children are addressed.
  • Staff/Buddies should know that KCNZ Trust has a staff Grievance Procedure that may be followed if they wish to lay a complaint about the action or services provided by the program or any staff involved with this program.
  • Staff/Buddies have a responsibility to attend training as specified by senior staff, before attending any camp. Training is mandatory. Training updates must be attended for staff returning to camps.
  • Staff/Buddies have a responsibility to comply with rules set, philosophies of KCNZ, and procedures for dealing with the children at camp.

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