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About Kids Camps NZ

Kids Camps (NZ) camps are specifically designed to create happy memories for children who have been victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Children between the ages of 7 to 11 years are referred by psychologists, welfare agencies.

The five-day program of each camp is filled with activities designed to build trust, self-esteem and confidence within each child. All camp personnel are fully committed, experienced, trained. And most importantly screened and Police checked. The camp offers these children an environment that is safe and non- threatening.

With the child to adult ratio, it is Kids Camps New Zealand policy, to have one child to one adult. These adults (or Buddies) provide positive adult role models and are responsible for the care and safety of the children throughout the week.

The children do many activities, including arts and crafts, flying fox, ropes course, giant swing, dress-ups, music, swimming, woodwork, face painting, taking part in a concert, and having special guest presenters. In the middle of the week every child's birthday is celebrated with a group birthday party and a ('Birthday Box') given to each child.



Statement's from our outgoing National Director & the National Board:
Anita's statement:
As I reflect on working for camp ministries, I love that the camps bring hope, healing and restoration to hurting children in NZ.  
This has been an incredible experience and journey to be on.  Seeing the camps set up and seeing so many kids smile and grasp the fact that they can believe in a destiny that is promising, that they are beautiful and loved.  To witness transformation within one short week of camp and to watch the development in each child over the years as they have returned to the camp, has been life changing.  
Another blessing has been to build teams of volunteers who so warmly and freely pour out their lives to make a difference for the children.  I will also be very grateful of the wonderful friendships birthed through this ministry, which has added not only to my life, but to Shane and our children lives as well.  Thank you for the opportunities to work alongside each of you who have been involved, I have learned many things, laughed, wept, sang, danced, made crafts and traveled down fast and furious water slides and flying foxes alongside many other outdoor experiences - all I can say is "what an amazing ride”.
Thank you to all the businesses, agencies and trusts who financially supported us, especially for trusting us in the early days to meet our objectives - without your help this work would have been impossible.
Its time for a new team to carry the vision, build teams and develop Kids Camps throughout the nation.  My deepest desire is to see many children have the opportunity to experience all that kids camp offers, to see the continued unity grow and that many more volunteers get on board to give of their time, skills and gifting’s to make this ministry all that it can be.  
My full support is given the governing Trust Board and Camp Directors,
Anita Vermeer
National Board Statement:

With heart pounding, and faith rising within her, Anita embarked on bringing Kids Camps to NZ. A successful programme making a difference in the lives of broken and vulnerable children in the US and Australia, Anita felt the call to bring this to NZ and let kiwi kids experience the hope generated in camp. Now, over 9 years later, Anita has felt the call to pass this on to others. Having given of herself tirelessly she recognises that it is time for her and her family to enter a new phase of life and that the camp do likewise. 

We want to acknowledge and honour Anita (and Shane) for all she has poured out for the sake of the Kids and pray that she will discover God pouring back into her as she moves into new spheres. We will always be grateful for the great work that Anita has done in these years and pray that as we move ahead, we would be faithful, and God would fulfill that vision she had all those years ago.
As a way of letting Anita know what she has meant to us, and to Kids Camps, we would ask that people send any messages of thanks and blessing to Anita to and we will collect these and present the to Anita, most fittingly, in a photo book. 
And to you Anita, we say again, Thanks, and may the Lord keep you in his perfect peace The KCNZ Trust Board

Kids Camps New Zealand were previously known as Southern Cross Kids Camps NZ, and we are incredibly thankful and value the assistance and support from Kids Camps Australia and Royal Kids Camps in America.


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