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Statement of Faith

Kids Camps New Zealand is a Christian response to the challenges faced by our most vulnerable children. We believe that childhood is a gift of God that has too often been robbed from New Zealand Children through no fault of their own and we believe it is God’s call to us to help kids experience the freedom of childhood through a safe, inspiring, confidence building and learning environment that puts them back at the centre of their lives. Through games, stories, opportunities, and interactions with respectable and respectful adults we aim to give these children a week of great experiences and wonderful memories that will stay with them for life.

Kids Camps New Zealand is not part of any one church, but aligns itself with the teaching of mainstream Christian churches that believe that God has shown us his great love for all of humanity in sending his son Jesus Christ for us. It is inspired by this selfless story, that we endeavour to express that love, without ever forcing it on anyone, to share of the hope we have in its embrace without ever judging those that choose not to follow it, and to treat all people as those loved of God no matter where they come from.

Isaiah 35:5 “and those that were burdened shall leap around like a deer”

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