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Our annual camp offers specialised programs for children who have experienced trauma through Neglect, Abuse or Abandonment. Each child participates in enjoyable activities ranging from sports, obstacle courses, group games, craftwork and we aim to bring some joy and laughter back into the lives of these children.

During each camp, we ensure a 1:1 ratio of children to adults. Our adults are called buddies - they provide positive adult role models and are responsible for the care and safety of the children during the camp. We enforce strict policies which include that no buddy is to be alone with their child when out of sight of a group.

Our Camp Objectives:

  • To assist in the development of their personal skills and attitudes
  • To provide opportunities to help develop a sense of personal competence
  • To build trust, a healthy self esteem and confidence
  • To provide a safe, secure environment
  • Helping abused children reach their potential
  • Provide an opportunity to change the negative impact of abuse and break the cycle of abuse

We Aim To Give Each Child:

  • A sense of achievement, confidence and hope
  • A week of activities that encourage fun and laughter and allow them to be children again
  • An experience of unconditional acceptance and attention
  • Memories of a great week with new friends
  • Gifts with no strings attached including: t-shirt, hat, birthday box, carry bag, toys, books, art, craft items, toiletries and a special memory album filled with pictures of their time at camp.

Apart from being a buddy, volunteers also include the camp directors who oversee and manage the camps, support personnel to assist the buddies, a registered nurse, a child social worker, activity coordinators, errand and laundry person, photographer, games/sports coach, music coordinator and special guest presenters.

It is our policy that all volunteers attending camps are selected through a strict screening process which includes interviews, checking references, NZ Police CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS Check. We place a high value on our volunteers and provide in-depth training sessions whereby equipping them with the necessary skills essential for developing positive relationships with these needy children.

We also maintain ongoing contact with our volunteers, via email, letters, phone calls, reunion breakfasts and dinners and have found that many return to help again year after year providing invaluable experience to the teams.