Sound and AV Technician Job Description


Mission Statement

Camps that provide a safe week of happy memories, building self worth and confidence, learning life skills, and creating hope for the future, for children who have experienced abuse.

Role and responsibilities

Prior to Camp:

  1. Familiarise camp programme.
  2. Liaise with camp director and key staff responsible for music, drama, Breakfast club, J-Zone
  3. Talent Show, and any programmes requiring PA (e.g. Highland Games)
  4. Establish what equipment is required.
  5. Establish any special requirements – e.g.sound effects.
  6. Source music, sound effects MP3’s, video or DVD. Liaise with others – co-operate, delegate.
  7. Ensure suitable hardware & software for DVD, sound effects etc.
  8. Source equipment.
  9. Purchase fresh batteries, Duct tape.
  10. Pack tools & spares as required.
  11. Ensure equipment provided by others is compatible & suitable for programme (Laptops,
    DVD Player, data projector, wireless mics etc.)
  12. Check that all necessary cables and adaptors are present & correct. (Display Port, VGA etc.)
  13. Document all equipment inventory.
  14. Collect equipment & load vehicle.


  1. Deliver equipment to camp.
  2. Establish secure infrastructure for feeding coffee addiction.
  3. Liaise with stage / set-up team. Establish layout & resolve / compromise for best options.
  4. Assist stage crew & co-operate.
  5. Delegate where appropriate.
  6. Set up system & test all functions.
  7. Test all radio mics – fresh batteries - functioning – no interference.
  8. Test video functions.
  9. Sound check with band & fine-tune as necessary. (Fine tune the band as well)
  10. Instruct band, drama team, puppeteers, directors and cooks on use of wireless mics etc.
  11. Resolve any technical issues which may arise.

During Camp:

  1. Follow daily programme requirements – have day’s schedule mapped before breakfast.
  2. Feed coffee addiction @ breakfast as no further opportunity till after lunch.
  3. Take note of any changes affecting self – and others. Assist others where needed.
  4. Attend band, drama team practices etc. as required.
  5. Check with programme leaders for any special requirements. (sound effects etc)
  6. Be at hall before scheduled start. Have FX, MP3’s & DVD’s cued up & ready to go. Deal with any last minute hiccups. Ready to go at start time.
  7. Resolve any techo issues asap.
  8. Attend staff meeting as required.
  9. Be available to lead or assist anywhere needed in afternoon programmes.
  10. Have fun!

Camp wind-up:

  1. Start tear-down as soon as final programme completed.
  2. Separate equipment belonging to Kid’s Camps & others. 
  3. Return items to owners.
  4. Delegate tasks as appropriate.
  5. Pack down wireless mics – remove batteries & re-pack in cases.
  6. Keep out of way / assist where necessary with stage crew tear-down process.
  7. Assemble all PA components, leads etc. Check all items present & correct.
  8. Document any missing items or damage. Report any issues to director.
  9. Pack equipment into vehicle.
  10. Check hall for any lost property, unclaimed stuff, tools etc. Return to owners or collect &
  11. deliver to truck or pack in own vehicle. Advise someone who cares.

Transport home.

  1. Return to normal:
  2. Return any hired / borrowed / stolen gear to rightful place.
  3. Unpack and store equipment.
  4. Check off inventory & advise director of any discrepancy.
  5. Have a coffee.