Treasurer Job Description


Mission Statement

Camps that provide a safe week of happy memories, building self worth and confidence, learning life skills, and creating hope for the future, for children who have experienced abuse.

Role and responsibilities

  1. The Treasurer is responsible to the Board to ensure that efficient records and financial procedures are maintained.
  2. To ensure that the work secures suitable funding to enable the organisation to meet its aims and objectives,
  3. Establishing and monitoring sound financial systems to satisfy legal and organisational requirements.
  4. That KCNZ practice is based on sound principles, is efficient and effective in the execution of the Trusts objectives and policies.
  5. To be an advisor to the Board of Trustees on all finance and fundraising matters.
  6. Present full financial reports to meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  7. Establishes the financial requirements which result from strategic planning carried out by the Board of Trustees and developing funding strategies which will ensure that the organisation's plans can be met.
  8. Acts as a resource for management in carrying out the duties relating to the financial affairs of the organisation.
  9. Recommends to the Board the appointment of an Auditor, and ensuring the timely completion of such.
  10. Liaises between the Board and any funding committee established.
  11. Ensure accounts are ready for auditing each year. All books are prepared and sent to the Auditor.
  12. Produce statements of financial performance for each event or camp for presentation at Board meetings.
  13. All accounts are reconciled monthly and presented to the Board for approval.
  14. Ensure the annual accounts are made up exclusive of GST and GST reports are completed, paid and filed bi-monthly with Inland Revenue.
  15. Ensure all creditors receive payment on time.
  16. Ensure all debtors receive tax invoices and are followed up to ensure payment is received.
  17. General oversight and monitoring of the financial affairs of the Trust.