Nurse Job Description


Mission Statement

Camps that provide a safe week of happy memories, building self worth and confidence, learning life skills, and creating hope for the future, for children who have experienced abuse.

Role and responsibilities

  1. Ascertain medical information on each child, from application forms and from conversation with caregivers at arrival time.
  2. Establish and maintain medical record for each child with up to date information.  This information to be kept in a locked cabinet outside of camp time.
  3. Ensure medical supplies are provided and kept within ‘best before’ dates.
  4. Liaise with Trust/Finance Committee regarding provision of supplies.
  5. Hold relevant medical qualifications, and be familiar with current medical procedures and protocol.
  6. Be available at all times during camp to assess injuries, provide medical attention, or refer onto a medical centre or hospital as required.
  7. Establish a medication plan for those requiring regular medication during camp.  Ensure that this plan is followed.
  8. Remain at camp for the full duration.
  9. Set up medical room on arrival and camp, and pack down at the end.
  10. Pass all medical records to Camp Director at the end of camp.
  11. Attend daily staff meetings with Camp Director.