Camp Director Job Description


Mission Statement

Camps that provide a safe week of happy memories, building self worth and confidence, learning life skills, and creating hope for the future, for children who have experienced abuse.

Role and responsibilities

  1. The Director is responsible for the development of teams that will oversee the administration, development and delivery of local services provided by KCNZ.
  2. The Director is directly responsible to the local Board of KCNZ Trust and to the National Director.

Specific Tasks

  1. To assume overall responsibility for ensuring that all matters relating to the local organisation. management and operations run as efficiently and effectively as possible to assist in fulfilling its objectives.
  2. Be concerned with:
    1. Short, medium and long term planning, management and administration
    2. Creativity, innovation and anticipation of the future, and effective application of the organisation.
  3. To ensure the efficient and effective operation of al! local KCNZ activities.
  4. Be responsible for assets including inventories and maintenance of property owned or leased by the local KCNZ,
  5. To direct and implement such fundraising, marketing and publicity strategies as are necessary to promote the aims and objectives of the local KCNZ.
  6. Relative to clients:
    1. To be responsible (with 1-2 nominated others) for the system controlling initial client contact including intake, assessment/referral documentation and case management planning.
    2. To oversee the implementation and development of camp programs that will achieve the mission of KCNZ.
    3. To be responsible for the secure keeping of client records.
  7. Relative to staff:
    1. The recruitment and contracting of staff and service providers, to ensure appropriate quality is maintained.
    2. Management of staff /buddies and maintenance of a performance evaluation and consulting process,(c) Taking necessary action in conjunction with the Board for the care and welfare of all staff/buddies when necessary, including dismissal of staff /buddies when necessary.
  8. Maintaining personnel records.
  9. Maintaining personnel policies, procedures and position descriptions.
  10. Ensuring that staff receive education and training appropriate to their position descriptions.
  11. To undertake training that is relevant to the position and negotiated as part of personal development.
  12. Be expected to maintain and develop relevant links in the community with agencies whose services may be appropriate to the needs of the clients.
  13. Hold daily Buddy meetings at camp during Breakfast Club time, and daily Staff meetings during 30-30 time
  14. To facilitate the Chief Photographers planning, the Camp Director to provide the following information prior to camp:
    1. A list of Graduating campers
    2. Names of the camper/buddy pair ups
    3. Names of staff and their designations.