Staff Member Job Description


Mission Statement

Camps that provide a safe week of happy memories, building self worth and confidence, learning life skills, and creating hope for the future, for children who have experienced abuse.

Role and responsibilities

  1. Staff Members are directly responsible to the Camp Director.
  2. Be available to support buddies whenever necessary.
  3. Support other staff where ever necessary.
  4. Be prepared before camp with any necessary props or equipment needed for activities you are rostered onto.
  5. Avoid being alone with a child at any time.
  6. Be familiar with specific responsibilities of each staff position.
  7. Attend training as provided before attending camp.
  8. Set up and pack down assigned activity areas, and return equipment to correct location.
  9. Provide support and encouragement for campers at every opportunity.
  10. Avoid isolation, physical discipline, and putdowns of any child.  Seek support if needed when disciplining a child.
  11. Expectation to take part in activities as required - drama, puppets, stories etc as well as outdoor activities.
  12. Attend daily staff meetings at camp.
  13. See also specific staff role job descriptions.