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Personal Experience

Each child who comes to camp has a story, some more noticeable than others. Some of the children are either withdrawn or in your face, compliant or aggressive, or merely hungry for love and attention. Some are suspicious, demanding, skeptical, rebellious, sexually awakened, disillusioned, and scared to show how much they long for acceptance.

They feel guilt for crimes they have not committed or were forced to be apart of, shame for the secrets that have been revealed, responsible for family break-ups and bewilderment at the shattering of their world. Almost all of these children long for the parents that they have been taken from, regardless of what the parent has done, he is still Dad, she is still Mum. Many of these children find at Kids Camps New Zealand, a haven - an opportunity to succeed.

Most of all, they find acceptance without any strings, love without any reciprocal gratification expected, and an atmosphere of family.

Bobby has struggled through school and had a teacher aide with him at interval and lunchtimes due to his tendency to hurt other children. Bobby attended camp as an eleven year old and after camp he attended an Intermediate School. A camp staff member met up with him at this school and was informed by school staff later in the year that Bobby was having the best year of his school life so far. He talked about camp and how much he had enjoyed it and what fun he had. Now he could interact with others without having an adult present at all times. Even a small input into a young life can have a long reaching effect.

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